5 Popular Types of Custom Auto Painting

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5 Popular Types of Custom Auto Painting

Whether your daily driver just doesn't look as good as it could or your custom built hot rod is ready for the paint booth, you have many options when it comes to finishing off a stunning work of rolling automotive art. Custom auto painting is a great way to make your vehicle stand out at the auto show but sometimes the hardest part of isn't just choosing the colors, but the style of paint job that you'll use. It all comes down to the look you're chasing, but these 5 popular styles of custom car painting will certainly get you thinking.

Metallic Paint

This ultra-popular style of paint gives your car a little extra shine in the sun. By mixing tiny metal flakes with the paint your car will glisten. This awesome paint is available in nearly any color you want!

Racing Stripes

Racing stripes are an excellent visual accessory for hot rods and muscle cars. They can be done in many different styles, but one of the best looks is also one of the most traditional; two stripes down the center of the car.


A fade paint job entail painting portions of the car two colors, such as the top and bottom or front and back, and blending the two colors together in the middle. A good fade will not give the appearance of a sudden color change.


Many people elect to use subtle pinstriping on their hot rod projects. While it is usually only used to provide extra detail and isn't a full paint job, it can make a great addition to any custom car, truck or SUV.


Want to go with a more traditional hot rod paintjob? Flames can be done in many ways, from ultra realistic to using just one color, which allows for a more classic hot rod look. It is almost impossible to have two flame jobs come out looking the same because of the amount of artistry that goes into this style of painting. This means you're sure to have a look that no one else will have!

Having your car custom painted is exciting but it is important to entrust a custom auto paint shop that give it the look you desire. For custom auto painting in Bend you'll want to go to JR's Auto Body & Paint Shop. We take great pride in the vehicles we work on, whether we are doing auto body repair or giving the car a fresh coat of paint. Call us today at (541) 209-3740 to schedule an appointment for any sort of expert auto body work in Bend!

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