FAQ: Collision Repair

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FAQ: Collision Repair

FAQ: Collision RepairIt's one of those things that nobody expects to happen to them but in reality there is a strong possibility it will. Regardless of how safe of a driver you are, you can't always avoid the ill actions of other drivers. The truth is, accidents happen. So, the best thing you can do is be prepared. Many people have numerous questions after bin involved in a car collision situation. It is important to discuss any questions you have with your insurance company and/or the auto body shop you plan to use for repairs. The following are a few of the most asked questions by drivers recently involved in a wreck.

What should I do after an accident?

Immediately following an accident it is important that an assessment of injuries is done and an ambulance is called, should it be apparent that one is needed. Either way it is a great idea to contact the police to request their presence and then begin collecting evidence in the form of witness statements and photographs. Before leaving the scene be sure to contact your insurance company.

Do I have to go to the auto body shop recommended by my insurance?

More than likely your policy provider will give you a couple recommendations regarding which auto body shop you should use. Chances are that your insurance company has a partnership with these shops to provide cheaper repairs, which isn't necessarily a good thing. You can choose any body shop of your choice and your insurance company must pay on the claim. For this reason always do your research regarding which shop is right for you.

How many quotes do I need to get for my insurance?

Another thing insurance companies will do is ask for multiple quotes. Legally speaking, you're only required to get one.

How much will it cost to fix my car?

The repair process will vary based on the type of damage that your car has sustained, which will in turn dictate the hours, parts and pricing of the repairs. At the beginning of any repair process a free estimate should be conducted to give you and your insurance an idea of what the final cost will be.

Where can I get quality auto body repair in Bend?

If you are in need of collision repair in Bend, OR, reach out to the team at JR's Auto Body & Paint Shop. We are are I-Car Gold Class shop that offers complete auto body repair for all makes and models. To request an estimate for auto body repair in Bend don't hesitate to call us at (541) 209-3740.

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